Water Well Protection and Sand Dune Stabilization, Mali

Project: Water Well Protection and Sand Dune Stabilization

Location: Salam Commune, Mali

The main objective of this project was to rehabilitate the water well which is a critical community resource for the village of Agouni, located north of Timbuktu City. The work was carried out under CADG’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program and part of stabilization plans for the Timbuktu region.

Some of the tasks involved in the project included:

  • The removal of threatening portions of the sand dunes.
  • Preparation work to the planting surfaces with natural fertilizers and surface water retention walls.
  • The erection of protection barriers to protect the well from encroaching sand.
  • The workforce on this project was drawn for the local community, which created temporary and alternative livelihood opportunity. The collaboration of elder and less-skilled workers enabled the sharing of sustainable skills and knowledge vital in the maintenance of the rehabilitated water well.
  • Our experience of working in remote environments were fully utilized on this project and despite limited resources, it was completed successfully.

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