Municipal Infrastructure Program, Afghanistan

Project: Chora Municipal Infrastructure

Location: Chora, Afghanistan

Client: Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)

Value: $6,779,931

Completed: September 2012

The goal of the Chora Municipal Infrastructure Project was to contribute towards improving stability in Uruzgan Province, Afghanistan by supporting rural development and providing livelihood opportunities to at-risk local populations in the town of Chora.

The project involved the construction of gravel roadways, storm water drains, gutters, walkways and culvert crossings while engaging the maximum workforce possible and training workers in construction and repair techniques.  Over 401,026 man days of labour were employed with collaboration and input of local government entities.  Over 1,000 unskilled and 59 skilled workers were employed with 41,344 direct beneficiaries.

Despite the significant challenges of working in an unstable security environment, CADG completed:

• Roads, drains, and municipal infrastructure repaired using unskilled and skilled labors delivering 7450 man days work.

• 3,000 meters storm water management system rehabilitated using 113,210 man days labor.

• Constructed culverts, cross overs, vehicle and pedestrian bridges and 6,000 meters of concrete walkways using over 124,906 man days labor.

• 6,000 meters of storm drains constructed in the market area using over 200 skilled and 15 skilled laborers for 86,903 man days.

• Trained over 100 men in gravel road construction and repair.

• 2,000 metres of Popalzai Village dirt road widened coming into Chora in conjunction with the Australian military.

• Reconstructed over 1740 metres of gravel roads with mechanical and grading.

The engagement of all relevant local stakeholders in the delivery of this project resulted in a high level of involvement and positive response from recipients and local government officials.  We also worked extensively with Coalition Forces operating in the area to ensure close coordination with their efforts and security operations in the area.

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