Dormitory Rehabilitation, Mali

Project: Arab School (HEGIRA) Dormitory Rehabilitation

Client: UN Head of Mission (Timbuktu), the School Director, Mayor of Timbuktu.

Location: Timbuktu, Mali

Duration: 30 Days

CADG was tasked with the dormitory rehabilitation project of an educational training institution located in Timbuktu, Mali. Heigre Timbuktu is a much revered historical institution and the only training facility for Franco-Arab teachers in the Republic of Mali.

Our responsibilities also included:

• Structural and façade rehabilitation work for Dormitory Block II.

• Improvement work to electrical supply and plumbing.

• Complete refitting of showers, toilets and ablutions units.

For this project a total of 180 local laborers were employed, providing short-term economic boost to the community. The inclusion of skilled and unskilled workers also encouraged the sharing of experience and sustainable skills vital for the maintenance needs of the project. It also creates a pool of available community resources for future undertakings.

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