Construction of 200-Man Camp in Helmand, Afghanistan

Project: ANA Garrison 2/207 Corps Brigade at Camp Sayar

Location: Gereshk, Afghanistan

Client: Lakeshore Engineering Services

Value: US $ 16.7 million

Duration: 15 months

CADG’s experience and competency working in austere and hostile environments was fully utilized on this project. The supply of construction materials, in particular the delicate and critical path components for the project were flown in to overcome the challenges of the site’s remote location.

The project consisted of :

• The construction of various structures – Battalion Headquarters, Administration Buildings, Officers Barracks, NCO Barracks, Enlisted Barracks, Large DFAC, Battalion Storage Buildings, Training Buildings, Tactical Operation Center, Fire Station, Vehicle Maintenance Building and Latrines.

• The construction of a reinforced concrete Ammunition Supply Point (ASP), a reinforced concrete Helipad equipped with lights and adjacent road access and more than 200 personnel bunkers for force protection.

• The construction of primary & secondary entry control points including all structures, gates and barriers. Concrete internal roads and walkways were also laid including aggregate parking areas.

• The erection of a Vehicle Refueling Point including all containment structures, diesel and MOGAS storage tanks and dispensers.

We also undertook all site demolition, grading and storm management work. This Corp Brigade Expansion project, consisted of 7 Kandaks and despite the various challenges, all works were in carried out in compliance of the IBC 2009, IPC 2009, NEC 2011, API and NFPA codes.

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