Community Solar Water Pump Rehabilitation, Mali

Project: Community Solar Water Pump Rehabilitation

Location: Timbuktu, Mali


This project was carried out under CADG’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Located in Kabara Village, it involved the rehabilitation of two solar water pump in critical need of  repairs.


The workforce for this project was drawn from the local community, which created a temporary employment opportunity. The inclusion of skilled and unskilled workers encouraged the sharing of valuable experience and sustainable skills that could potentially benefit livelihoods in the future.


The restoration of the solar water pumps benefited:


  • 11 workers and their families directly from the on-the-job training and employment opportunity.


  • Estimated 7,000 Kabara villagers and further 30,000 Timbuktu residents.



Working closely with stakeholders and the local community, the project was a resounding success as access to vital potable water was made available once more.

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