Community Development Program, Afghanistan

Project: Community Development Program

Location: South, East and West Afghanistan

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Value: $256 million

Completed: September 2013

On behalf of USAID, CADG undertook the Community Development Program – South East West (CDP-SEW) as an extension and expansion of the Food Insecurity Response to Urban Populations Program (FIRUP).

The primary goal of the program is to alleviate the impact of poverty and economic vulnerability by promoting temporary employment and income for targeted populations. Through this program, a host of successes were achieved and these include:

• 275,589 Cash for Work jobs created and over 11,900,000 work days completed.

• 375,000 ha with improved irrigation systems.

• 216,000 ha with improved erosion control.

• Over 1 million square meters of sidewalks rehabilitated.

• 3.3 million meters of irrigation canals reconstructed.

• 171 public buildings rehabilitated.

We completed the project within the stipulated time frame and budget. We also successfully met all of the requirements and expectations of the donor during the implementation of the project.

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