Community Development Program (CDP), Afghanistan

Project: Community Development Program (CDP)

Location: Southern, Western and Eastern Afghanistan

Client: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Value: $156,100,000

Duration: 3 years


CADG was involved in the Community Development Program (CDP) program that entailed providing temporary employment to vulnerable population in 19 provinces via short-term projects designed to rehabilitate local infrastructures.


Working closely with the local GIRoA partners and community stakeholders at the provincial, district and village levels, improvements were made to irrigation, municipal, roads and public facility infrastructures.


These included:


  • Over 1,912 km of irrigation canals, 507 drainage canals and 61 reservoirs.


  • Over 611 km of roads, 2,870 culverts and 766, 251 m2 of paved pedestrians pathways.


  • 945m3 of protection walls, 2,681 karez walls, 814 water gates and 241 intakes.


  • 36 schools, 15 clinics, 275 bazaar stalls, 3 public parks and 1 public stadium.



A total of 251 projects were completed over the course of the program, which provided temporary employment to 210,965 men and 2,523 women. The on-the-job training program also benefited 59,700 unskilled workers in the areas of masonry, electrical wiring, plastering and textile manufacturing.

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