400-Man Camp in Western Africa

Location: Western Africa

Value: US $5.7 million

Duration: 5.5 Months

As part of efforts to promote stability and security in Western Africa, CADG was engaged to provide horizontal and construction works for a 400-man camp.

The scope of our work included:

• Soil evaluation, topographical survey, earthworks and grading.

• Clearing of vegetation and sub-grade preparation consisting of leveling, gravelling and compacting works.

• Stabilized Laterite works.

• The construction of concrete helipad, recreational grounds, shelter/bunker and ammunition store.

• The construction of storm water drainage, security and access control.

The supply and distribution works of electrical, water, information and communication services. Recycled water for toilet flushing and waste water systems were also part of the provisions for water and sanitation services. Our experience of working in remote locations was fully utilized and contributed to the success of this project.

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