3000-Man Camp Construction in Western Africa

Project: 3000-Man Camps Construction in Western Africa

Location: Western Africa

Value: US $21.2 million

Duration: 9 Months

CADG was engaged to design and implement horizontal works at a man camp located in Timbuktu, Western Africa. The work was carried out in two phases and it involved:

  • Soil evaluation, topographical survey, earthworks and grading.
  • Clearing of vegetation and sub-grade preparation consisting of leveling, gravelling and compacting works.
  • The installation and filling of Hesco Bastion for perimeter fencing.
  • The installation of concertina wire. in top of Hesco Bastion.
  • The installation of metal vehicular gates and observation posts.
  • Fabrication, supply and installation of metal boom gates.
  • Graveled works for vehicular and pedestrian circulation including parking.
  • The construction of open drainage for surface water drainage.
  • The provision of security access control.

Phase Two involved the construction/installation of:

Watch tower, access control facility, security light post, maintenance service manhole, shelter/bunker, ammunition store, power generation, bulk eater supply, potable water, blackwater, grey water and toilet water flushing systems.

Other tasks completed during this phase also included:

  • Electrical supply and distribution works, information and communication distribution.
  • Despite the hostile environment of the location, we successfully mobilized an international team of design, engineering and QA/QC personnel in less than 30 days.

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