Interview with Adaham Abdurahmanov

Interview with Adaham Abdurahmanov
May 4, 2017 merlin

The true measure of our success is in the fulfillment of our client’s needs and the positive impact of the projects we’ve undertaken have had on the various communities involved. At the same time, we know that all of our successes could not have been possible without the dedication, commitment and perseverance of our team members.

To acknowledge these valuable contributions, we present a series of interviews with our team spanning the different departments. We begin with Adaham Abdurahmanov, who in December will mark his 10th year of service at CADG. Currently he is the Project Manager for our Camp Management & Life Support services project in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This project is part of an international effort in the fight against Ebola.

Hi Adaham. Fill us in your role in CADG.

Adaham: “As Project Manager, I’m responsible for all camp administrative, finance, engineering & maintenance, catering needs and other daily operations matters. I liaise with CADG headquarters and administration department on camp matters as well. On-site, I provide leadership and supervise all camp operations ensuring that we adhere and comply with the requirements, policies and standard of practice that have been set. I also provide training, if and when necessary, to staff members.”

Describe a typical workday.

Adaham: “As I mentioned earlier, I’m responsible for all camp management matters and on this project it’s no different. Working and dealing with contracting partners, preparing reports for CADG headquarters, supervising staff-related matters such as timesheets and others, maintaining the schedule of events at camp and being on the camp grounds while it’s in session and when improvement works are being made are just part of what I do on a daily basis.

Working in a camp environment can present a lot of challenges. So to ensure that the staff is always motivated, I provide effective training programs that promote and emphasize positivity throughout. Maintaining a favorable image and public relation matters for the camp is also crucial and part of what I do.”



10 years with a company is exemplary commitment and dedication. What keeps you going everyday?

Adaham: “Being a part and working for CADG has always been a great honor for me. It is an organization that is very dynamic, challenging and forward looking. Personally, it has been a great fit as it is here that I’ve been able to best utilize my knowledge, skills, qualifications and abilities to contribute towards its goals. 10 years is indeed a long time but it is knowing that I have in ways contributed to CADG’s vision, mission and objectives that keeps me going and doing what I do everyday. I am very proud to be a part of the CADG family.”

Do share with us some of your most memorable and perhaps inspiring personal experiences being out in the field.

Adaham: “Suffice to say there have been many but to put in a nutshell, it’s each time we’re faced with challenges and then overcoming them that inspires me. The lessons and knowledge gained from these experiences are unparalleled and is what I value most. Representing CADG and working with international clients is always something that I enjoy and take immense pride in.

Working simultaneously on various projects such as the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) project in North Afghanistan, Camp Mobilization and Demobilization in Somaliland and others is something that will linger long in my memory and continues to drive my commitment to be the best at what I do.”



Give us a brief insight on the current project you’re involved in and what have been the significant challenges that had to be overcome.

Adaham: “As we all know, the Ebola virus has affected many lives in West Africa. Here in Sierra Leone, CADG is providing Camp & Life Support services to a team of medics from the Aero Medical Evacuation Team of Onsite OHS.

As things are a little quiet now, which is certainly good news, we are concentrating on Health & Safety and personal hygiene matters of the staff. Nonetheless, we are always on the alert for any emergencies that may rise. We are both proud and grateful to be given this opportunity to support West Africa in their fight against Ebola.”



Tough jobs require tough people. How do you stay focus and positive in the midst of these and other challenges on the work front?

Adaham: “I am an optimist – this helps me to be positive and self-motivated when faced with the various challenges at work. CADG’s goal is to make a difference and improvements in a person’s life especially in times of dire need. I always keep this in mind and take initiatives to effectively and quickly find solutions to any problems and issues that arise. When results require the completion of tasks, I ensure that they get done efficiently.

I’m very proactive and if there are issues that I don’t understand and need answers to as to keep the operations going, I will not hesitate to bring them up to the management. All the challenges I’ve had to face in my time with CADG have made me a stronger person. There is always a lesson learnt and knowledge gained; that it something that I personally am grateful for.”