International Development

International Development

First we listen…

CADG has a unique approach to donor-funded development which seeks to design projects with the full participation of communities and a clear understanding of international value chains and markets. We support communities.

Then we implement…

Drawing on the company’s commercial business experience, CADG is able to convene private-public partnerships (PPP). We work for the goals of international agreements such as the Millennium Development Goals and donor-funded programs such as USAID’s Feed the Future Program, but always with the specific needs of our local partners leading the way. Our work is practical and based in the real world. CADG utilizes the power, resources and knowledge of each.

Development History

CADG’s early experience in the trade and marketing of agricultural commodities in Central and South Asia has been extended to livelihood development and capacity building in more traditional rural development scenarios. The company has undertaken a series of agricultural extension programs interleaved with the rehabilitation of rural infrastructure (e.g., farm-to-market roads, drainage and irrigation systems). Combined with developing market linkages under-pinned with sound logistics, CADG success in donor-funded development has been attributed to creative methods and steady implementation.

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